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FAQ and technical help

Below are files where frequently asked questions are answered and some technical explanation of functions.

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File / video

Counterbalance LoadMatch


Date codes

Datecodes on SUN Products

Datecodes on ACE Controls Shockabsorbers

Filtering and oil

Definition of contanimation in hydraulic systems

SUN Fluid and Temperature Recommendations

Video showing how to take oils sample in hydraulic system.

SUN Product information

SUN model code explanation

SUN cavities

SUN Materials of Construction

SUN testing 100% with flow and pressure

SUN European Machinery Directive and Related Directives

SUN Counterbalance pressuresetting vs. turns.

ISO codes filtration

ISO codes och contamination codes

Mounting tourqe

Mounting tourqe of SUN Cartridges

Do you have worms in manifold?

Worm holes - Manifold erosion due to cavitation

Video showing Manifold Erosion due to Cavitation

Different types of relief valves.

Pressure spikes during acceleration or deceleration can be avoided using Sun anti shock relief valves.

Video showing pressure spikes during acceleration or deceleration can be avoided

How to assemble SUN sandwich

Mounting and assembly of SUN sandwich bodies

How to assemble a stack of sandwiches and keep it dry

Function of different valves.

Check, Flow Control, and Priority Flow Control Valves

Counterbalance valves

Solenoid Operated Directional Valves


Logic elements

Pilot Operated Directional Cartridges

Pilot to open checkvalves

Reducing valves

Directional valves DP,DR,DV


Shuttle valves

Circuit Savers

Relief valves

Manufacturing of SUN Cartridge Cavities

Manufacturing of Sun Cartridge Cavities

SAE Flanges

Tecknical information on SAE flange patterns

SUN coils for ON/OFF and proportional.

SUN Coils

Electronic and proportionalvalves.

Electro proportional terms and definitions

Amplifier and accesories

Bluetooth Amplifier Manual

Video shwing overview of Sun's Proportional Amplifier Components

Element change

Element change instructions

Video showing How To Properly Change an Element