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Keep your hydraulic system clean with SUN filter cartridges


The most common reason for fails in a hydraulic system is contaminated oil. In a compact system, a bulky canister filter is not an option. The solution is a SUN filter cartridge that is manifolded along with your cartridge valves.


They are available with the following filtration options:


  • 25 micron
  • 10 micron
  • 3 micron
  • 1 micron


SUN's unique filter cartridges can be used directly in line at pressures up to 350 bar and can handle flow rates up to 320L/min. This makes it possible to place them before sensitive components in the system.


The cartridges have SUN's standard cavities and fit to sandwich bodies and line mount bodies, either in standard or special designed bodies.


Se all SUN filter cartridges here.


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SUN Hydraulics filter cartridge