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Measure vibrations with mobile app VibroChecker


With ACE Controls VibroChecker App you can measure vibrations in e.g. industrial applications. It is a simple-to-use and self-explanatory mobile tool that comes in two versions, one free and one professional - VibroChecker PRO. The first one measures up to 50 Hz and the latter measures up to 8 000 Hz. With VibroChecker PRO a sensor or gyroscope is neccessary. 
Core functionalities of the VibroChecker PRO app:
  • 3-axis measurement
  • Variable measuring time
  • Variable start delay 0 to 20 seconds
  • Triggering
  • Select the sampling frequency 10Hz to 100Hz for the internal sensor, 1Hz to 8kHz for external Digiducer sensor
  • Adjustable Auto Repeat function
  • Transmission / storage of measurement data via email as a CSV file
After you take a measurement, we are happy to assist you to find appropriate vibration technology solutions. Please contact us and we will help you.


App measure vibrations